I missed your Kickstarter.  Can I still buy Second Quest?

Absolutely.  We will be sending the first copies to our backers, but the comic will be available to the public soon after.

What is Not Even Past?

Not Even Past is a live experiment in daily narrative.  After doing a year of weather and traffic, I wanted to try a serial story.  It is daily in every sense: you can read it each day, it takes place each day, and I write it each day.

It’s also a response to the steady stream of tweets and facebook posts we are asked to navigate each day.  We are constantly grasping for a context that isn’t available, even among people we’ve known for years.  I’m particularly compelled by how we fill in the gaps and make sense of these lives flickering all around us.

I’ve been considering Phil’s story for a few years now, but I haven’t written ahead in order to just dole it out one day at a time.  This is part of the experiment for me.  It’s all first draft.  I don’t allow myself to go back and change previous days.  I may reconsider when it’s done, but while it’s live this year, what happens happens.

*Not Even Past ended on December 31, 2013.  A record of Phil’s year remains here.

What’s with your Weather 2011 and Traffic 2012?

I’ve always wanted to do a weather report.  In the 5th grade I made grand plans for a personal newspaper – the Tevis Times.  I had in mind headlines taken from my life, thrilling fantasy and horror stories, a Dear Tevis advice column, and of course Tevis Weather, a catalog of emotional storms mixed with local forecasts and a dash of fortunetelling.  I asked for a photocopy machine that Christmas to mass-produce the Tevis Times, but I received a Nintendo instead.  Which was probably for the best.

The idea for traffic came a bit later.  If weather is heavenward, traffic is earthbound.  It is about things, interactions, transactions, chain reactions, all kinds of movement.  If weather is an event, traffic describes the actors.  If weather is a temporary state, traffic is the flux itself.  Both are daily, both connect us, both are background that I want to foreground.

How can I contact you?

I have a public facebook page and am on twitter @tevisthompson.  You can also email me directly:  tevis  at  <this website>.